Collaborative Practice
w/ Ingrid A Schmidt


Assistant Professor
U of Kentucky


Self-Pub Book


Hannah Dewhirst / 2020

My work examines moments of tension. The spatial sequencing we dream about evokes science fiction, states of control, a threatening shadow on the horizon. But there are others that forefront the calming colors of a sunset, the meditative movement of a single point of light, the strength of the body. By weaving these conditions together, tested in true spatial terms, I continue to re-program and re-assemble the moments of tensions that tend to awaken us.

The arms of my practice exist as complementary parts to a whole: aspirational collage drawing, full-scale studio experimentation, and layered, evaluative documentation. I use light and water as primary mediums, sensory deprivation, immersion, and mythology to create otherworldly experiences.

The generative quality of this experimental practice becomes as important as the output. Thus the site-specific, time-based work amasses a life of its own as I test and “tune” a work to its environment and its users. The process of making is a vital act of discovery, wherein digital fabrication processes and material experimentation allow for an ongoing feedback loop.